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St. Augustine Campus Library: Faculty Resources

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Welcome, Faculty!

Research Guides

Librarians can create subject-specific Research Guides (LibGuides) to help students locate materials in their disciplines, but did you know we can do the same thing at the course and assignment level? 

Example Research Guides:

If your class would benefit from a course- or assignment-specific Research Guide, please email Beryl White-Bing

Course Reserves

To assist in the distribution of class materials, each SJR State Library has a Reserves Collection consisting of items selected by faculty members for their students' use. Any item owned by a faculty member or an SJR State department may be placed on Reserve in the Library. The Library then checks out the item to the user so the faculty member does not have to manage the item. Faculty may also choose to put an item owned by the campus Library on Reserve for a specific time period for in-library use.

Good opportunities to use this service:

  • I have required supplemental readings in my course.
  • I require students to watch films in my course.
  • I have a piece of equipment that students need to access for my course (skeleton, bones, diagrams, technological devices, maps, etc.).
  • I want to provide access to a textbook for my course.

Please contact Karen Muscavage, Circulation Manager at the St Augustine Campus Library, to request this service.

Collection Development

How to Request the Purchase of Books and Audio-Visual Materials

Faculty members may request materials for purchase by contacting Royce Bass 904-808-7479.

Other Services

  • Call on a traveling librarian! Would you like a librarian to bring items on a certain topic to your classroom for students to look at or even borrow? We can do that. Let us know your subject/topic and we’ll bring a selection of items to you! We can also come to your classroom to conduct workshops or instructional sessions.
  • The Library houses a great selection of popular fiction books. Faculty can check out any book in the library with a semester long checkout period. You can finally catch up with Jack Reacher or Harry Potter!
  • Looking for a movie to watch this weekend with your family? The libraries carry an assortment of films from popular movies, children’s films, musicals, and television series. Faculty can borrow three DVDs at a time for 7 days.

General Library Information for Faculty

Information Literacy Instruction

Book an Instructional Session Today!

Some thoughts to consider when scheduling an instruction session include:

  • What research assignment will the instruction session support?
  • How much class time can you devote to library instruction?
  • Should I also opt for online tutorials and/or a research guide for my students? 

Please Note:

  •  Please share your assignments and syllabus with your assigned librarian before a date is confirmed to help us prepare.
  •  It is best to schedule the library instruction session for a time after students have been given their assignment and will actually need to use the library. The timing of library instruction is CRUCIAL to student motivation and learning.
  • Generally instructional sessions take place at the library; however, librarians can come to your classroom if you prefer.
  • Ready to schedule? Questions? Contact: Beryl White-Bing

Distance Education Resources

Digital Videos

Looking for electronic resources to supplement your online course? The Library has academic videos through the Films on Demand database that can be embedded into Blackboard.

Need an instructional video made for a service such as Turnitin, Smarthinking, or checking student email? Contact a librarian. We can show you how or create one for you to use.

Interlibrary Loan

Need an item that SJR State Libraries do not own?

Contact Beryl White-Bing to request the item through interlibrary loan.

For interlibrary loans, loan periods and renewal policies are set by the lending libraries and will vary by item. A request for renewal must be made four days prior to the due date set by the lending library. The lending library has the right to grant or deny a renewal.

Interlibrary Loans are helpful when:

  • You would like to review potential course materials before purchase.
  • You would like to review an item before making a request for purchase.


St. Augustine Campus Library Workshops

Click here for the current workshop schedule:

Please share the workshop information with your students!

  • Don’t want to take up class time for a library session? Offer extra credit for library work shop attendance. We’ll give the students a certificate of completion which they can present to you.
  • Is there a success skill that you want your students to know more about? Let me know and I will develop a workshop to cover a skill.
  • We create workshops on the fly! Give us a topic and we’ll put one together for your students!
  • Professional Development- The librarians offer faculty professional development workshops several times a term. We’ll even provide a certificate of completion. This is a great thing to add to your continuing contract portfolio.


How do I put a textbook or study guide on reserve?

-Just bring the item(s) to the Library. Easy, right?


-Complete the attached Reserve Request Form and send everything to the Library. Also easy, right?


How do I schedule a library presentation?

-Email Beryl ( with the date/time and what you would like us to cover.


Does the SAC Library offer online workshops for my students?

-Yes, we offer workshops online.


How do I recommend a certain book or DVD for the SAC Library to purchase?




How long does it take to get a book from another campus or institution?

-2-3 days from another campus, 1-2 weeks from another institution.



Does the Library possess the technology to take my students inside the human body AND the International Space Station in the same class?

- You bet your sweet Oculus Rift we do. We can bring a Virtual Reality station to your classroom or you can bring your students to the Library. Here’s a link to the experiences/software that the Library has to offer:


Does the Library have any skeletons and other anatomical models that my students can use?

-Yes, we have the models that students can use in the Library and Academic Support Center:

          Two disarticulated skeletons for double the fun.

          Muscle model: A.K.A., John Cena

Torso model: A.K.A., Madame Torso

          Leg Model: A.K.A., David Beckham

          Arm Model: A.K.A., Neil Armstrong

Brain Model: A.K.A., Stephen Hawking


What is Library Prime?

-This is a service where a library staff member delivers requested items to your office.