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St. Augustine Campus Library: SAC Faculty FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put a textbook or study guide on reserve?

 -Just bring the item(s) to the Library.


-Complete the Reserve Request Form (see link below) and send everything to Royce Bass, the Campus Librarian.

How do I schedule a library presentation?

-Email the Public Services Librarian, Beryl White-Bing, with the date/time and what you would like us to cover.

Does the SAC Library offer workshops for my students?

-Yes, The most current list of scheduled SAC Academic Workshops is always posted on the MySJRstate Library Portal but we can always schedule a workshop around a specific class and/or assignment.

How do I recommend a certain book or DVD for the SAC Library to purchase?

-Email the Campus Librarian, Royce Bass.

How long does it take to get a book from another campus or institution?

-2-3 days from another campus, 1-2 weeks from another institution.

What is Library Prime?

-This is a service where a library staff member delivers requested items to your office.

Does the SAC Library proctor exams?

-No, but we do have two Respondus Online Monitoring Testing Kits that students can use.

Can the SAC Library help a student with their video presentation?

-Yes, we have iPads to record with and and the Public Services Librarian, Beryl White-Bing will assist the student.

Come by anytime if you would like a tutorial of your library’s resources.