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Anatomical Models

Each campus Library has anatomical models available for in-library use. Visit the Circulation Desk and have your SJR State student ID or another photo ID ready. 

  • Models cannot leave the Library
  • Limit 2 models per student per checkout
  • 4-hour loan. Models must be returned to the Circulation Desk every 4 hours. If no one else is waiting to use the model, it may be checked out for an additional 4 hours. 

"The muscular leg model illustrates both the superficial and deeper muscles, eight of which are removable. Tendons, vessels, nerves and bone components of the left leg and foot are shown in great detail in the muscular leg. All parts of muscular leg numbered." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

"This muscled arm model illustrates both the superficial and deeper muscles, five of which are removable from the muscled arm. Tendons, vessels, nerves and bone components of the left arm and shoulder are shown in great detail on this high quality muscle model. Parts numbered on muscled arm for easy identification of parts."  ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

This miniature human muscular figure is about 1/3x life size.  Study the human body's superficial musculature using this sexless, miniature human muscular figure. All muscles are painted in great detail using lifelike colors. The chest plate is removable, allowing students to examine the internal organs' structure and arrangement. Over 125 structures are numbered and identified in the included key. " ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

"This skeleton is articulated to show normal posture and constructed of a durable, unbreakable synthetic material.  The extremities are removable and the 3-part detachable skull has a cut calvarium, a spring-held lower jaw, and 32 individually inserted teeth. "  ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description


Disarticulated Skeleton"Anatomical model of a full human skeleton Includes a skull with realistic teeth, a detailed cranial vault, and hinged mandible flap. All other bones are disarticulated except those of the hands and feet, which are loosely strung on nylon filament or attached with wire." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

"This Miscellaneous Box of Bones includes a skull, hyoid, vertebra, sternum, rib, sacrum and coccyx, clavicle, scapula, humerus, ulna, radius, an articulated hand, femur, patella, and more."

Image result for 3B Scientific Didactic Human Skull with Cervical Spinal Column, 4 Pieces

This didactic human skull model shows an absolute accurate representation of the fissures, foramina, processes and sutures. In addition, this human skull replica is flexibly mounted on the cervical spine (C1, C2 and C7 are colored) to better show their relation. To complete this demonstration, the didactic model also exhibits the hindbrain, spinal cord, spinal nerves of the cervical spine, vertebral arteries, basilar artery as well as the rear cerebral arteries.   ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

3B Scientific® Human Skull Chart

"This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the human skull in full detail. This  chart is a wonderful depiction of the detailed anatomy of the human skull and allows for multiple views of the human skull.  All bones and anatomical landmarks of the human skull are outlined in full detail including the bones of the inner ear.  The Human Skull Chart is a great addition to any classroom or doctor's office and is the perfect tool for patient education." ~~ Manufacturer's Description

"This human mini torso is approximately half life-size. It has the following removable parts and organs: 2-head halves, Brain half, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, Stomach, Liver with gall bladder, and 2-part intestinal tract.  All the organs in this human torso are hand painted." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description


"The Pregnant Pelvis Model is an accurate representation of pregnancy at three and nine months.  A life-size pelvis, sagittally sectioned, shows the condition of the uterus and fetus during the ninth month of pregnancy. The dorsal and abdominal muscles with lumbar vertebrae and a kidney section are visible.  The fetus can be removed for closer examination and can be replaced with the included three-month fetus insert for comparison."  ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description


The Heart of America is "three hinged access portals swing open to reveal the faithful detailing of the interior of the heart chambers. Even more lifelike mitral and tricuspid valves with flexible chordae tendineae enhance understanding of valve action in controlling the directional flow of blood. Portions of the trachea and esophagus are included to demonstrate their relationship to the major vessels. No less than 63 cardiac structures, permanently number coded by hand, are identified in the key." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description


"This is a life-size 2 part colored Brain Model that is medially divided allows you a closer examination of interior structures and to identify the various structures and regions of the brain.   Its structures are color coded for easy identification. This model practically shows each part of the brain: Frontal & parietal lobes, Occipital lobe, Temporal lobe, Motor & somatosensory cortex, Limbic cortex, Cerebellum, Brain stem."  ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

3B Scientific® Classic Giant Ear

"At approximately three times life-size with four removable parts, this Classic Giant Ear Model offers a comprehensive view of the human ear. It has representations of the outer, middle and inner ear, featuring a removable eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup. A two-part labyrinth with cochlea and auditory/balance nerve is also shown." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

3B Scientific® Life-Size Auditory Ossicles

"The Human Auditory Ossicles, individually presented in natural position, embedded in transparent acrylic. This life size auditory ossicles are cast from natural specimen." ~~ Manufacturer's Product Description

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